Genuine culture has been formed over several generations. This also applies to production culture.

Volgorechensk Fishery. We are proud of our history, which dates back to 1975.

Our fishery is considered to be one of the largest and most advanced in the country, and to realize this is not only pleasure, but also responsibility. We preserve the traditions of even that, Soviet fish-farming, and constantly enrich the classical experience with the best, carefully tested modern solutions.

In Soviet times, up to two thousand tons of fresh fish were delivered from Volgorechensk, today — only 28 tons. But this does not mean that production has declined significantly. Just the quality has changed: osetra caviar has become our main product. We produce it more than 13.1 tons per year. Is it a lot or a little? These are hundreds of millions of eggs, and we guarantee the quality of each of them. We are proud that our products are still fully consistent with the old strict GOSTs, which were developed by professionals, not marketers.

How many people remember the taste of real beluga caviar? Unfortunately, recent decades have been accompanied by mass extermination of sturgeon. Fish and caviar are getting smaller, prices are getting higher, and the native Russian «black gold» is becoming more and more confidently becoming an inadmissible luxury.



Almost everyone respects a flesh of sturgeon. We are one of the few who respect sturgeons.

Healthy fish gives good caviar. Yes, it is healthy and appropriate in size fish. For several years, fish need to be raised, fed, and nursed before contacting it for caviar. Sturgeons grow healthy and strong only in their natural habitat. We use the water area of the Volga and its two tributaries — Shacha and Keshka, where since the dawn of time, the Russian sturgeon lived and spawned.

From the point of view of fish-farming, the «full cycle» begins with eggs and ends with it. We are a full cycle enterprise. Selected caviar matures, becomes fry; it is grown up; adult fish give caviar, some of which fall on your tables. Each individual in our fishery is carefully monitored, and if necessary, undergoes inpatient treatment to return to the herd completely healthy. Selected females are kept in elite conditions and are used for the production of caviar, and the grown males go to the production of a flesh of sturgeon.

We value our caviar herd and when receiving caviar, we try not to harm the fish itself.



Caviar has a lot of good qualities. Obviously, if it’s caviar of good quality.

The most valuable «golden» caviar and in fact has a pale golden color. It is given by some sturgeon breeds older than 80...85 years. Now, such caviar is produced only a couple of pounds a year in the world. As for the cost... A kilogram of Golden Caviar somewhere in France or Switzerland can be exchanged for a good brand new small car.

We do not produce golden caviar. But Volgorechensk beluga caviar is not inferior to it in taste and useful properties, while it is offered at a very reasonable price.

Osetra caviar is a unique product whose nutritional value is difficult to overestimate. Someone who cares about himself/herself, from time to time, should allow himself/herself not only this incomparable taste with a marvelous nutty note, but also those most valuable irreplaceable substances that are practically not represented in other products. Certainly, we are talking about high-quality unpasteurized caviar, made in accordance with all the rules.



Selected caviar is given by selected individuals over 15 years old. The roe is especially large, delicate, pale gray with a noble deep taste and a very weak aroma. This is our exclusive, most expensive product, whose share does not exceed 8% of total production. Selected caviar is available in metal and glass jars with a blue label.

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Premium caviar is obtained from the best sturgeons at least 8...10 years old. It is distinguished by a recognizable bright taste with a pronounced nutty note. Delicate, rather large roes of gray color have a characteristic, unusually harmonious aroma. Premium caviar is available in glass and metal packaging with a yellow label.

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The eggs of Classic are relatively small in diameter; they differ in a slightly darker gray color and an exceptionally delicate shell. They have an unusually rich, long-lasting taste and a special delicate aroma, which is characteristic only for osetra caviar. Classic caviar is available in glass and metal package of various weights with a red label.

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Fish have existed for more than 80 million years, a homo sapiens — 40,000. We are not so perfect, but we need to try.

Nature created the sturgeon perfect... and very tasty. Since ancient times, princely tables were decorated in Russia with multi-pood sturgeons, which were brought alive, wrapped in wet canvases and nettles. Delicate taste, a large amount of hearty, easily digestible fat, the magnificent texture of almost boneless meat — all this makes the sturgeon a truly royal treat. If you want to arrange a real celebration of taste, then, you should agree, a gentle balyk and beluga caviar deserve the most honorable places on the table.

So that you can afford it, we breed beluga, sturgeon, as well as trout and carp. Unlike many others, we deliver fish grown in natural conditions, so our products combine the taste of wild natural fish and purity, which can only be guaranteed with careful care.

In our fishery, the health of the fish herd is constantly monitored. We grow young fish, protecting it from the vagaries of the weather, treat, and monitor the diet. Especially carefully we look after our core value — caviar and brood stock, which are based on selected thoroughbred individuals aged 15-20 and more.

Our fishery guarantees the excellent quality of our caviar and the fish we supply. Unfortunately, only a few can fully appreciate the incomparable taste and nutritional qualities of real caviar, balyk, smoked fish, and other delicacies that our fishery is proud of. Do you think it’s the price? Not at all.
Relentless statistics say that a significant proportion of valuable breeds of fish and up to 90 percent of beluga caviar come to our tables «from the shade». You already know how caviar should be cooked. If it is removed from frozen or «caught yesterday» fish, if the product was subjected to repeated freezing, if extraneous components are added to the eggs in order to improve the shelf life or to increase profit, then the product loses not only its noble taste, but also its meaning. Please do not buy caviar and flesh of sturgeon without a quality certificate. Do not risk your health, and most importantly — do not subsidize the barbarous business. Nature will thank you.